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Residents react to closed pontoon bridge in Grand Lake


They've dealt with it before, residents in the Grand Lake area are now having to find an alternate route as the pontoon bridge is closed.

The bridge is closed after being struck by a barge causing some moderate damage to its pivot arm.

Residents have seen the bridge closed many times and they say it's becoming a problem.

"It's kind of an inconvenience you know? They have a lot of people who have to go over the bridge and when it's closed down, you have to go all the way around and that's a big issue on gas," Grand Lake resident Daniel Peshoff said.

Holly Lavergne of Grand Lake said she was going to church for 4:30p.m. Saturday over the bridge and had to turn around.

"It's a problem when you're needing to be somewhere at a certain time," Lavergne said.

The damaged pivot arm is in the shop, but there's no way to tell if the bridge will be ready for traffic come Monday.

"It's a very big inconvenience," Gina LeBlanc of Grand Lake said. 

Meanwhile, Cameron Parish Schools Superintendent Stephanie Rodrigue said they are working with bus drivers and parents to let everyone be aware of possible delays in pick-up times should the bridge still be closed on Monday.

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