LHSAA Votes to Split Select, Non-Select Schools for Football Playoffs

lhsaa votes to divide football playoffs

Today marks a new day in Louisiana high school sports.

This fall, for the first time ever, private and public schools will not play each other in the high school football playoffs.

This morning at the L-H-S-A-A convention, Louisiana principals voted 206 to 119 to pass controversial proposal 18, which will divide all high schools into "select" and "non-select" categories.

The regular season, including district play, will stay the same, but once the playoffs start, things will be entirely different.

Non-select schools -- traditional public schools like Barbe -- will continue to compete in the same classifications.

But select schools -- private schools like Archbishop Rummel *plus* all charter schools, university lab and magnet schools -- will compete only against other select schools in one of two new divisions.

As a dual-curriculum school, Washington-Marion will stay in the non-select group and compete against public schools.

The non-select schools will play in the same classifications, but they won't be playing any private schools, which have traditionally dominated the football championships.

The select schools will play other select schools in one of two new divisions.

Today's vote is a victory for public schools like South Beauregard that wanted to even the playing field.