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Congressman Boustany holds first town hall of new term

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U.S. Congressman Charles Boustany, R-La., said the big issue facing Congress right now is the federal budget or lack thereof. 

"You cannot operate without a budget," Boustany said. "Because of the inaction of the Senate and the White House, the President, we have not had a budget."
At his first town hall meeting since being sworn in for a new term, Boustany spoke about his recent actions in Washington that he said will help solve the budget problem and other problems facing the nation. 

"We passed legislation yesterday that's going to force the Senate to pass a budget or else they don't get paid. So, that's a start," Boustany said. 

Healthcare, Boustany said, also needs immediate attention from Congress. 

"Healthcare costs are continuing to rise and that's also related to the budget as it relates to Medicare. That needs to be addressed," he said. 
With a polarized country and an even more divided government, agreeing on legislation lately hasn't been in the favor of Congress. Still, Boustany used Thursday's town hall to reassure residents that he is working for action. 

"I, as a member of Congress representing this area, owe it to folks here in South Louisiana to be constructive and to find solutions and that is my commitment," Boustany said. 

Boustany was sure to highlight his commitment to working for seniors and keeping their best interests in mind. 

"We have to do everything we can to fix those programs put them on a solid basis that preserves them, protects them ... not only for this current generation of seniors but for seniors in the future," said Boustany. 

"I think he's going to help us out as far as health issues go with insurance and medicare," said Westlake resident, Donna Onxley. "I think his answers to that were very satisfying to me."
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