Local magicians keep magic alive in SWLA

Whether you call them magicians or illusionists, one thing is for certain:  you are bound to be entertained.

"There's coins with this," said Sulphur magician George Mullican, as he showed a young understudy just one of many magic tricks available on the market today.  "It's called the flying cups.  You can make coins appear and disappear out of this.  It's really neat."

Both visited a mobile magic store operated by Williams Magic of Tucson Arizona, making a stop in Lake Charles.

"Everybody can be a magician," said Emory Williams of Williams Magic in Tucson, Arizona.  "The reason is magic adapts to just about anyone.  There's what is called "self-working" tricks.  Very simple, very easy and very inexpensive.  So that anyone practically can pick it up, read the instructions and entertain someone."

Having an outgoing personality and the ability to entertain are important.

"It teaches you the value of having a little of nothing and making something big out of it," said Perry Vincent.  "But it takes practice.  It takes work.  Nothing's free.  It looks like it is, but it's work."

The International Brotherhood of Magicians local gets together about once a month to talk magic and tricks.  For more information, go to http://www.magician.org

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