Campus Shooting

Good afternoon. This is Cynthia Arceneaux from the KPLC newsroom.

A law enforcement official says Texas authorities have at least one person in custody in connection to a shooting on the Lone Star College campus in the Houston area. The community college was placed on lockdown amid reports of a shooter on campus.

And Baton Rouge police are investigating the accidental shooting death of a toddler. Police say two year old Travin Varise was accidentally shot yesterday as 18 year old Terrance Varise was handling a gun nearby. The two year old child was taken to the hospital where he died today.

And Jeff Davis Sheriff Ivy Woods is warning people about a scam that's going around. The "jury Duty" scam involves phone calls to people identifying themselves as an officer of the court. They then threaten residents with a warrant for their arrest for not showing up for jury duty. And then the scammers proceed to get personal information such as social security numbers from the victims. Don't fall for it! We'll get you up to date on these stories and more...  Plus Wade Hampton will let us know how long this string of great weather will last.  I think we'll make it through to the weekend with plenty more sunshine!  Join us today at Five, Six, and Ten.