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Crawfish season off to a good start at Oberlin crawfish farm


Crawfish farmers are gearing up for this year's crawfish season.

At Hebert Farms in Oberlin, the crawfish farmers know it's still very early in the season, but there's no shortage of crawfish.

There are 600 acres of crawfish ponds at Hebert Farms. Matt Hebert works for his family's farm and said they get ready for crawfish season early in the fall.

"We get out here with plows and we start plowing up the field," Hebert said. "We spread rice in order for the crawfish, when they do come in early December-late December, it'll give them nourishment for them to grow throughout the season."

Hebert said he knows when it's going to be a good season when he starts seeing crawfish early in the season in December.

"When you start seeing them in the ditches, on the levees, as you check your water levels and stuff, you'll be able to tell," he said.

And even though it's still early in the season, each trap has caught between one and two pounds of crawfish.

Most of the crawfish caught at Hebert Farms stays local.

"If they don't go to our local Boil 'N Go's, we'll send them to a processing plant and from that processing plant, the smaller catch will be peeled for frozen crawfish tails throughout the state and the bigger crawfish will go to restaurants nationwide," Hebert said.

Selling live or boiled crawfish for customers in Oberlin is a family affair. The entire Hebert family helps out with the business from farming to making sure the best crawfish are bagged for the customers.

"It's fun. You never know what's going to happen," Hebert said. "I grew up doing it and I'll probably do it the rest of my life."

Hebert said so far the season has been pretty good and he's looking forward to a great season ahead.

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