Girls kicked off dance team, parents left wondering why

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - Jennifer Campbell is the mother of Morgan Eastwood and said that her daughter has been dancing all of her life in the state and around the country. She said that after Friday night's dance performance at a basketball game, her daughter and one other dance member were told by school officials they would be kicked off the dance line because of inappropriate dancing.

Campbell's concern is that if this is a dance group, why isolate only two girls? She wants to know why not punish the dance coach also, who is a staff member at the high school.

"They said that she danced inappropriately, when the dance was approved by the sponsors," said Campbell. "I just feel like it should have been completely taken care of at another level.  And all the girls should have been in trouble ... Why just two? Why pick the same two girls every time?"

7News took those questions and concerns to DeRidder High Principal, Debbie Dixon, who told us to speak to School Board Superintendent Tim Cooley.

"There is a dance line constitution. In that constitution, there is a code of conduct," said Cooley. "The constitution says if that is violated, a member may be benched or kicked off the team. That is what we are facing here."

While Cooley couldn't tell us whether or not the disciplinary action was because of behavior or inappropriate moves, Campbell plans to meet with an attorney this week to try to get answers as to why her daughter was kicked off the team.

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