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President's gun proposals debated locally

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Most people don't yet know the details of the president's plans to reduce gun violence. Still, there's plenty of talk locally on both sides of the issue. 

Still, many hold fast to long standing beliefs and object to any restriction on their right to bear arms. Hunter and gun owner, 22-year-old Ryan LeJeune, said he cannot find ammunition and accessories because the stores are sold out.

"I haven't found anything at all. I've been to three or four gun stores, Academy, local gun shops, Wal-Mart. There ain't a single round of ammunition or scope on the shelf, it's all gone," said LeJeune. "People are afraid they are going to take this to the extreme and outlaw ammunition."

LeJeune didn't see the president's speech but, like many, he's pretty sure he won't like his proposals.

"We are hunters, hunt deer, ducks, hogs, whatever it may be. And also personal defense at home, you know, if someone were to break into the house we have guns there to protect ourselves. Any executive order to outlaw weapons is only going to restrict law abiding citizens," LeJeune said.

Pat Kelty sees the president's proposals as reasonable.

"It only makes sense that if we are to have a driver's license and we go through all the steps to get a driver's license, we should have the same thing with gun license. I have friends that have conceal carry licenses. My son hunts, my father and grandfather were hunters, so it's not that we're against guns," Kelty said.

She says a common sense approach is needed to protect young, innocent lives.

"If we could stop one of them. If one child could have managed to have not been killed. You just have to think, what if it were your grandchild that was the one grandchild that was saved," Kelty said.

Both agree on the need to keep the country's children safe but far apart on the best way to do that. Obama said more than 900 people have died from gun violence in the month since the massacre at sandy hook elementary.

A number of local officials and many national organizations have issued written responses to the president's proposals. The Federal ATF issued an open letter to gun dealers urging them to help private gun sellers with background checks.

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