Voucher program to pick up enrollment in February

Happy Tuesday to you!  Britney Glaser here in the KPLC 7Newsroom and it's another dreary weather day, but we'll bring the sunshine on Sunrise this morning!

*Despite the shaky legal status, parents can start signing their children up for the statewide school voucher program beginning in February.  We'll look into the legal limbo and why supporters of the program are not giving up.

*Later today, the state's top school board will meet to discuss several issues, including changes to the state's method for evaluating teachers.  We'll have a preview of what's in store.

*Barbe High School's DeSean Smith is one of the most high profile football players in the state.  I spoke with the senior tight end about a surgery he had to undergo to allow him to keep catching the ball.

*The rainy forecast hasn't yet come to an end and that means more trouble in Lake Arthur where flooding has been a major problem.  School there is one again canceled today.  Meteorologist Ben Terry takes a look at the forecast and when the rain will stop.

*This rain is driving pests closer to homes, because they also want to stay dry.  Find out how that's spilling over to more business for exterminators.

Make it a Sunrise day!