Watching The Floodwaters

Good afternoon. This is Cynthia Arceneaux from the KPLC newsroom. Officials are keeping a close eye on communities along the Mermentau River in both Jeff Davis and Acadia Parishes. Flooding will continue to be a problem there as the river overflowed its banks.

And in Lake Arthur the levees breached over the weekend, causing much of the city to be inundated with flood waters. Luckily no water got into any homes. Tune into Wade Hampton's forecast on Live at Five for the latest.

And you won't believe how much money the state of Louisiana has spent on legal fees, fighting the legal case surrounding the BP oil spill. It's in the 10's of millions of dollars compared to Alabama's expenditures.

And why is Louisiana seeing a significant jump in the number of teachers opting to retire and leave the system? Is it because of the changes in the rules brought on by the Jindal Administration's overhaul of public education? Those stories and more coming up today on Live At Five and 7news At Six.