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Lake Arthur levees will inevitably be breached


"Unless they're wrong, all the indications are we are going to see water in the town," said Lake Arthur Mayor Robbie Bertrand. "It is going to breach levees in the town."

Bertrand explains the inevitable flood situation he and his town are faced with after rainwater run-off, mostly from the Mermentau River has caused Lake Arthur to rise. Docks and campers are floating in the water and Lake Arthur Park is almost completely submerged. 

Officials predict that level to rise another two feet, breaching the height of the land levees around the low-lying city.

"When we say breach, it won't be a big breach like Katrina in New Orleans," said Sheriff Ivy Woods of Jeff Davis Parish. "It's just going to come over and it's slowly - the water will inundate Lake Arthur. We want you to be prepared to possibly have a place to go to ... have your luggage packed and your furniture elevated in your house."

Officials say that it's not the time to panic but a time to be prepared because it's only a matter of time before the water from the lake rises over the levee and starts to flood the city. 

"Scary ... scary ... I mean, what else can we do?" said Tammy Thibodeaux, a Lake Arthur resident. "We just have to try to save what we can."

She and her husband Phil live steps away from Lake Arthur and the levees that were put in place to help protect their home. With the levees inevitable breach, they've prepared for the worst. 

"We've just prepared as far as try to pick things up ... put bisque around things that we could possibly pick up and get things upstairs and just try to prepare for it," said Tammy. 

With no exact time or specific location of when the levees will be breached, with the rapid rise, for the Thibodeauxs, it's just waiting and watching. 

"Yesterday, when we left, we had probably about a foot left to go," said Tammy. "Today when we get back it's on there ... so, it's coming up rapid and it's bittersweet I guess you could say."

There will be a meeting on Saturday for residents to be updated on the flooding situation. That meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. at the Community Center. 

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