Corps officials say they are not at fault for Iowa subdivision's flooding

Gates at the saltwater barrier
Gates at the saltwater barrier

IOWA, LA (KPLC) - Residents in the Iowa subdivision off Lambert Road are trying to clean up and salvage Friday morning after Thursday's floods.

Flood waters got inside at least four homes there and the sewage plant lift station was under water.

So most, if not everyone in the subdivision, were unable to use their commodes.

That's why the owner brought in about 10 portable toilets.

The owner of the subdivision blamed flooding on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers not opening gates at the saltwater barrier.

But Corps operations managers, Tracy Falk in New Orleans, said the gates were open. Besides that, she said the gates at the saltwater barrier on Mims Road in Westlake have nothing to do with flooding in Iowa.

"The last two nights when they left at 7 p.m., they left the navigation gates open as well as in addition to the five 40' wide by 20' deep tainter gates that are open since January first. In fact, if we did have the tainter gates closed, the ones that would be calling are the people that live on the Calcasieu River north of the structure as the water would be backing up on their property due to this rain event. I can't see how it would impact the Town of Iowa," Falk said.

KPLC will be following up to see if anyone does have an explanation for what caused these fairly new homes to flood.

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