Flooding Updates

Hello everyone. This is Cynthia Arceneaux from the KPLC Newsroom. We've had some close calls with the bad weather... But thankfully, so far no one has been hurt. As in the case this morning of an 89 year old man whose car was swept away along North Perkins Ferry Road. He was headed through a flooded area of the road, when food waters swept him into a ditch. Rescue crews were able to get him out safely. But it's another reminder of why it's best to stay off the streets in these conditions. Chief Meteorologist Wade Hampton will provide an update on when the weather will clear up.

In other news, The Louisiana Department of Revenue is joining the IRS with a January 30th start day to begin accepting state income tax returns. As always, they remind taxpayers, that you'll get a quicker refund if you file electronically.

And the great divide over gun control isn't getting any narrower. Vice President Joe Biden is meeting with members of the National Rifle Association to try and bring the two sides together on a proposal to deal with the epidemic violence that's gripping the nation. But White House officials concede the National Rifle Association isn't likely to support the gun control measures that President Barack Obama is pushing. These stories coming up today at Five, Six, and Ten. Hope you'll join us then.