Bracing For Stormy Weather

Hello... Cynthia Arceneaux here from the KPLC Newsroom. Hope your day is going well and you're managing to stay out of the rainy weather! And the precipitation is going to continue well into the night. We've got crews out checking on the flooding situation. Chief Meteorologist Wade Hampton will update you on all the latest information at Five O'Clock.

And in other news, Chicago police investigating the mysterious cyanide death of a lottery winner have questioned his wife for more than four hours and executed a search warrant on their home. Police haven't said if she's considered a suspect. Her husband died just days before he was to collect $425,000 in lottery winnings.

And it's a sign of the times... People are out of work. And they desperately need jobs. So today hundreds of people braved the bad weather in Lake Charles to line up to attend a jobs fair at the Business and Career Solutions Center. The fair allows job seekers to meet with participating employers such as Sasol, where there's a lot of optimism about more jobs coming to that company with future expansion plans. Those stories and more coming your way today on Live At Five and 7news At Six. Hope you'll join us.