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Old dorms to be demolished at McNeese


The old married student housing near the McNeese State University football stadium are vacant and have been for a few years now.

The university plans to demolish the dorm rooms and put something better in its place. But what will happen next after the dorm buildings are demolished?

"Overflow parking area for football games ... it would be wonderful for us to be able to expand our tailgating a little bit," Director of Public Information for McNeese Candace Townsend said.

But those aren't the only ideas floating around campus. How about a basketball arena?

Townsend said a basketball arena on campus in that specific location is more of a dream.

"A number of factors would have to come together. One would be, we would need to have some private donors who would want to commit to that type of project to help us with the funding of it because that would not be something that we would be able to go to the state for," she said.

The property could also be used for other university and athletic events.

The biggest obstacle, according to Townsend, is getting the funds together for demolition of the married student housing. She said once everything is together, movement on the demolition-end could be within the next three to six months.

"Everything has to go through the state process because these are all state buildings and facilities. We have to get permission to demolish it, we have to be able to secure the funding to do it and there are a number of steps we have to go through to get the appropriate permissions, so-to-speak, in order to take a building down," Townsend said.

A lot to take care of before knocking down the dorms. As for a basketball arena and academic facility, not any time soon. But definitely an idea the university will take with them into the future. 

Townsend said the public will be notified before the demolition takes place. 

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