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"Dice" Fontenot charged with solicitation for murder

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The man who allegedly murdered Stephin Bergeron is now charged with trying to hire someone to kill a witness. And the victim's mother, herself a witness, is outraged no one told her.

David "Dice" Fontenot is allegedly the trigger man in the murder of Stephin Bergeron in April 2011. And now, Fontenot is charged with trying to hire someone to kill a witness in the case -- though authorities won't identify the witness or who Fontenot allegedly tried to hire. 

Stephin Bergeron's mother, Christina, is outraged that she heard about the alleged murder for hire scheme on the radio while driving her children to school.

"I got informed by getting text messages from teachers at my children's school asking me if we were okay. My children and I had to hear on the radio, on the way to school about him having a court hearing  and that he would put a hit out on a witness in my son's murder trial," said Bergeron.

She and two other family members are among the witnesses in the trial. Bergeron says she's afraid for their safety.

"I have a right to protect my children. If somebody is trying to put a hit out on anybody in my son's murder trial, I have a right to know that. I had to bury my child. I go to my son's grave. These people know where my home is," said Bergeron.

However, Calcasieu District Attorney John DeRosier says they do not believe anyone is in danger from Fontenot.

"Law enforcement is on top of this case. We do not feel that there is any danger to any of the witnesses in this case from this defendant. We certainly want to keep all of our witnesses and victims' families informed of everything that transpires in their cases and will continue to endeavor to make that happen," said DeRosier.

DeRosier agrees Bergeron should have been notified of the solicitation for murder charge which stems from a phone call Fontenot had in jail. Fontenot is behind bars with bond set at a million dollars. His trial is set for May 20.

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