Rice farmers meet to discuss industry opportunities

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - Louisiana rice farmers are trying to get Kellogg's to approve a new variety of rice for its popular Rice Krispies cereal.

Rice farmers met in Welsh on Tuesday morning to discuss the latest in research aimed at helping their industry.

The Caffey variety of rice is believed to be more resistant to blast disease which reached almost epidemic proportions last year.

Dr. Steve Linscombe with the LSU AgCenter is the director of the rice research station.

"As far as Kellogg's is concerned, they must approve it before they'll begin purchasing it. And it's not an easy procedure to go through. They've got to go through some lab procedures, but ultimately, they have to have enough rice to actually run it through one of their plants in the case of Rice Krispies and make a batch of Rice Krispies, so that's kind of where we're at with one of our new varieties," Linscombe said.

Rice farmers also heard about the Farm Bill which was extended by Congress, which means certain payments they get to cover losses they face will continue.

We'll have more from the meeting on later editions.

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