Fitness apps to get you motivated

Fitness apps to get you motivated

CNN NEWSOURCE - Whether you're looking to shed a few post-holiday pounds or need some motivation with a New Year's resolution, some smartphone apps aim to help with your diet and fitness goals.

After holiday indulgences, it's time for many to get back on the fitness track, and put a smartphone to work, within a workout. The "Lose It!" app for Android, iPhone, and Kindle helps users create a weight-loss goal and customizes a daily calorie budget of food and exercise to meet that goal.

The app includes calorie content for thousands of name-brand and restaurant foods.

The "Fooducate" app for iPhone and Android also lets users keep tabs on what they're eating and how to make healthier choices. Scanning a product's barcode on a store shelf unlocks information about calories and hidden ingredients that could throw a healthy diet off track.

If your best motivation is in your wallet, "Gympact" for iPhone and Android might help. Set a weekly target for check-ins at the gym, and set cash stakes if you miss it. If you meet your goal, you'll add up small rewards for each day. If you don't, you'll have to pay up.

And for a slightly different motivation to work out, how about getting chased by zombies? The "Zombies Run" app for iPhone, Android and Windows phones features a series of adventures that keep you walking, jogging, or running for your virtual life, burning off real calories, in the process.

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