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CPSB announces new teacher salary schedule for 2013

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School systems in Louisiana are required to change the way they pay teachers compared to past years. Some changes to the teacher pay schedule in Calcasieu Parish are being made and will take effect this year.

The Calcasieu Parish School Board came up with a plan to better pay teachers based on their evaluations. 

"Any teacher, for example, that is rated as highly effective, effective-proficient or effective-emerging, will get a performance stipend," Superintendent Wayne Savoy said.

Savoy said the new salary schedule is fair. If a teacher is rated effective-emerging, the stipend is $200. A rating of effective-proficient is $250, and a highly effective teacher would receive $300 on his or her paycheck in October of 2013 once the evaluations come in from the state.

"Every year, they (the teachers) stay with us, they move up along our salary schedule at an increase of $200. So, you're looking at opportunities for teachers to make more money than they've made before," Savoy said.

But that's not all, teachers also have opportunities to make more money based on their performance in the classroom. If they are advancing in the classroom for two years or more, the stipend goes up to $1,500.

"You have to understand that the salary schedule is used with reoccurring money. It's not one-time money. It's reoccurring money. And the law also states that we cannot cut a teacher's salary. So, once they're making a specific salary, we can't reduce that salary," Savoy said.

So, once the stipend is paid, the cycle starts again -- an incentive Savoy believes will help teachers become even better educators.

Savoy said those teachers who are rated effective will see the supplement added to their check in October once the teacher evaluations are returned from the state. 

If a teacher is rated as ineffective, his or her current salary won't increase, it will be "frozen" and the board will work with that teacher on ways to improve.

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