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9 people fall ill, prompting a recall of Cameron Parish oysters

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As of sundown on Friday, it's gotten a lot more difficult to get buy oysters harvested in Cameron Parish.

"We chose to close that area and recall all of the oysters that are out there that were still remaining," said Public Health Officer, Dr. Jimmy Guidry.  

The recall comes after nine people reported getting sick to the Department of Public Health. Dr. Guidry said there are a number of things that may have contributed to the contamination of the oysters.

"It's either from a sewage run-off or from someone that was fishing in the area decided to dump their waste off the side of the boat which is the most common cause," Guidry said. "When they dump that waste -- there's norovirus in the waste -- oysters don't move so literally they'll ingest the virus and then once people get that oyster, they get the virus and then they get the symptoms." 

The recall is in effect for Basin three Area 30 or the West Cove area of Cameron Parish. The owner of a seafood shop in Hackberry told 7News, the recall of oysters in the area, is also effecting his business. 

"We're shut down," said David Deere of Hackberry Seafood. "We're shut down because of high water but even if the recall does stay into effect, we would be shut down until the Department of Health and Hospitals opens us back up again."

Guidry says that once the 21-day recall is lifted, things should get back to normal.

"It should be clear by that time, it should be okay to eat those oysters again, once they've purged themselves," he said. 

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