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LC City Council replacing vehicles and equipment for city service departments


The Lake Charles City Council is making some New Year's resolutions by replacing older vehicles and equipment for the city police, fire and public works departments.

The service vehicles for these departments make the rounds in Lake Charles, and thanks to the City Council and their budget from 2012, these departments will receive newer vehicles and equipment.

"Typically, we budget funds to replace vehicles especially in the larger departments which is fire, police and public works. So, they have a lot of vehicles, a lot of work equipment in those departments. So, each year we put money aside to try to replace these vehicles," City Administrator John Cardone said.

Cardone said the Lake Charles Police Department will receive three newer sedans and two motorcycles. The Lake Charles Fire Department is in the process of receiving a newer fire truck. And the Public Works Department will receive four riding lawn mowers. 

The City Council accepted the lowest bid of $43,700 from Billy Navarre auto dealership for the three cars. 

The panel accepted the lowed bid of $43,080 from Harley Davidson for the two motorcycles.

No price yet on the fire truck. Cardone said the council is still looking into the model and best deal for the truck. 

"Each year, we replace vehicles -- vehicles with a lot of mileage, up in age, starting to have maintenance problems," Cardone said.

And he calls it somewhat of a vehicle and equipment replacement plan. Something that will continue throughout the year and years to come, he said.

"We're always replacing equipment that's going out. What you don't want to do is reach a point the equipment is so bad it starts falling apart and you have to go out and buy a whole bunch of equipment at one time," he said.

The City Council deferred the purchasing of a boat and sonar equipment, but Cardone said those items will come back up for consideration at a later date.

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