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Rain makes it a soggy New Year's Day


It was a soggy New Year's Day in the Lake Area -- no doubt many folks tried to avoid getting out if they could. Some homes in low lying areas appeared as islands surrounded by water after the steady stream of rain.

And while the weather was not so rough, the steady downpour left roadside ditches and some streets swollen with water in areas such as off Tank Farm Road. Homes in some low lying areas appeared cutoff by the water, though it was shallow enough to wade through.

John Guidry went to Smith Trailer Park off Nelson Road to bring food to his mom so she wouldn't have to venture out.

"We had New Year's dinner actually at my in-laws house next door, and I invited my mother over and they didn't feel like having to wade through the water and swim to their vehicles just to come over to the house to eat New Year's dinner, so I've got a  bag of food here that I'm bringing to them. I've got my pants rolled up," said Guidry as prepared to wade through water toward his mom's trailer.

Though the water seemed to take a while to recede, meteorologist Andy Tingler, with the National Weather Service, said it was more the duration of the rain than the intensity that caused problems in isolated areas.

"We really haven't had any really, really  significantly heavy rain today. It's mostly been moderate rain for a long duration. The duration has been quite long. It started raining early this morning. It's just now starting to taper off. We've actually picked up just right at four inches for the day. A week ago some areas picked up a couple of inches, so the ground's pretty much saturated or close to it. And then you put another four inches of rain on top of that it doesn't rain off too fast," said Tingler.

So, while the ground is well soaked and many roadside ditches swollen, there is no word of major problems or property damage.

Even a few inches of water can obscure the edge of the road, so it's best not to drive through it or you could wind up in a ditch.

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