We have a deal...

KPLC News Director Charlie Haldeman is working NYE (ahem, substituting) for Cynthia Arceneaux. :)

What a difference a few hours makes.  As I was sitting down to dinner tonight, the breaking news alert came across my cell phone about a deal to avert that so-called fiscal cliff.  There are still a lot of details to work out, but it now looks likely according to Washington sources.

NBC News is working on the story for tonight's broadcast.  We'll have details at 10 or on www.kplctv.com as they come in.

This evening is a time of celebration and reflection, of course.  Tonight, KPLC's Lee Peck is putting together a piece on what's happened over the last 12 months in Lake Charles city government. You may remember there was a lot on the table regarding the lakefront and north Lake Charles.

The celebrating has already started.  While Lake Charles isn't the hotbed of organized mass parties, we did see the horse drawn carriages making some of the last passes down Shell Beach Drive to view the Christmas lights.  The masses have already celebrated 2013 in places like Australia, Dubai, and the United Kingdom.  We video from each location.

Meteorologist Cedric Haynes is also on NYE duty tonight.  He shows us the next 7 days in weather, which so some unsettling patterns.  He won't promise snow (as much as I try to get him to), but he does promise some rain.

Drew Shirley is putting together highlights of tonight's LSU showing at the Chick Fil-A bowl in Georgia.

If you're home or on your mobile device, take a look at my question of the night here.  It's all about New Year's traditions.  Tell me your thoughts.

We'll have those stories and much more tonight on 7 News Nightcast at 10 p.m. and any time at www.kplctv.com