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Keep fireworks safety in mind this New Year's


 At Angelo's Fireworks shop in Lake Charles, it really is the 'Magical World of Color'.  With all types, shapes, sizes and styles, Angelo's is every firework fanatic's dream come true.  Perfect example, Phillip Guzzino.  

"I got a bunch of artillery shells, one of them that just puts on a large show by itself, then some firecrackers, roman candles and I'll throw a few more miscellaneous items in there before we're done" said Guzzino. 

He's a long time firework enthusiast and says fireworks have become a family tradition around the holidays. 

But even in the 'ooh's and ahh's' of lighting and watching your favorite fireworks, there are some serious safety concerns.  

"You don't expect something to misfire, you don't expect something to fall over" said store employee, Angelina Fagan.  "Unfortunately it does sometimes and it's so easy to just assume that it's not going to" she added. 

Like Murphy's Law states, if something can go wrong, it will.  Still there are some things you can do to minimize harm. 

"Flat surface because a lot of things spin so therefore it wouldn't go off properly" said Fagan.  "The larger shots need to be stable and grass isn't always that stable surface". 

"Mostly, you don't want to re-light a firework.  Once it doesn't light, you don't want to re-light it" said store employee Amanda Langley.  "You always want to follow your labels... you're warning labels.  You don't want to have wars with your friends and try to shoot each other if you're under the age of 15 you always want to be accompanied by an adult" she said.

While they seem like elementary rules, they're steps that these firework experts say will keep you safe, while having a great time. 

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