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LC City Council to make changes to downtown parking for events

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With Christmas behind us, New Year's on the way and Mardi Gras right around the corner, the city of Lake Charles is making a few changes when it comes to parking in the downtown area for parades and other events.

Parking street-side downtown is alright for right now until the parades and people fill the streets. 

"During these special events, we want to prohibit parking for the protection of the motorist and public attending the events," City Administrator John Cardone said.

Cardone said before, city officials would tell drivers to park somewhere else, but cars would continue to be parked along Ryan Street downtown making it difficult to set up barricades and prepare for special events.

Now, city officials hope to approve the ordinance which would give them the authority to enforce drivers to park elsewhere.

"We felt it was important to do so," Cardone said. "It does allow us the authority of people who ignore it to be able to tow vehicles. That's not the intent. We don't want to tow vehicles, but we're still going to give ample notice. And when you start giving notice, you want to have the authority to take action if somebody just refuses to abide by what you're trying to do."

Cardone said it's to protect the community who attends events and to protect their vehicles.

"It may be a little bit more inconvenient for them, but it's only for a short term, a day, until that event is over. So, there's other places for them to park along the downtown area," he said.

Something to keep in mind as we prepare for the carnival season.

The City Council will address this item at the next council meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

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