PPG Fire

Hello everyone. This is Cynthia Arceneaux from the KPLC newsroom.

PPG Industries expects the cost from equipment damage and lost sales will be between five and eight million dollars this year due to that Christmas Eve fire that shut down its vinyl chloride monomer production unit. And today the company declared a "force majeure" so that the company is free from liability or obligation. One worker was injured in that fire and is still in a local hospital.

And the city of Westlake may soon get a new Police Department. That's because Mayor Dan Cupit says the current station is "falling apart" with termites and roof problems. City officials plan to find the money to build a new one.

And we all think the "fiscal cliff" is an issue that needs to be resolved quickly. But have you heard about the other big problem that's in need of a quick solution?  This one concerns the federal farm bill. Without action from congress, we could see higher milk prices. How does eight dollars a gallon milk sound to you? These stories and more today at five and six.