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A special Christmas day for the homeless

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With many stores and restaurants closed this Christmas day, those without families or resources to enjoy Christmas, like the homeless or less fortunate, may have found it difficult to eat. 

Abraham's Tent opened their doors, as usual, to usher in and help whoever needed a hot meal.

"Some people, they don't have family," said Richard Harrison. "This is the only place that some people have to come to and I think it's good for the community and it shows a lot of love and enjoyment." 

But at the tent this morning, it was more than just a hot meal. Thanks to the Adriana and Donavan Strutt.

"We ask neighbors and family and friends to help pitch in whatever they're going to not use for the rest of the year," said Adriana Strutt. "This is a part of what we try to bring  as our family to help people."

Every year for over a decade, the Strutt family has collected items to distribute to the homeless on Christmas. Something they say helps put the day into perspective. 

"It's about giving and providing for others and sharing in people's spirit and so that's the part that we enjoy," Adriana said.

"Seeing the thanks on people's faces, every Christmas when we come here just the joy on their faces, the thanks that they give us it's just makes our morning. it makes the Christmas morning," said Donavan.

Although the man associated with giving gifts on Christmas is often characterized in a red suit and big white beard, it's Ms. Pearl Cole, Abraham Tent's Executive Director, that these people recognize as the gift that keeps on giving. 

"She loves everybody, I mean she's been doing this for 25 years and that woman is blessed," said Harrison. "She keeps on doing what she's doing, she'll be blessed more and more everyday."

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