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Christmas tornadoes are uncommon

(RNN) - Tornadoes on Christmas aren't a very common occurrence.

According to the Weather Channel's Severe Weather Expert, Dr. Greg Forbes, there have been eight Christmas Days since 1950 with tornadoes somewhere in the U.S., summing up to 32 Christmas Day tornadoes in six states: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisiana and West Virginia.

The last time the U.S. saw tornadoes on Christmas Day was 2006, when six tornadoes struck Florida and south Georgia.

According to WSFA's Meteorologist Josh Johnson, it's best to be prepared for any weather situation, especially around the holidays.

• If Christmas dinner is at your home, take the responsibility for informing your family and friends of severe weather.

• Have a reliable source of weather warnings. A properly programmed NOAA weather radio with fresh batteries is your best option.

• Look around your house before storms threaten and determine the safest place to go. Basements and storm shelters are best. If you don't have access to that, consider a hallway, bathroom, or closet on the lowest floor of your home. Avoid exterior walls, large rooms and windows.

• If you're hosting Christmas in a mobile home on Christmas Day, you need to consider moving your celebration to a friend or family member's site-built home. At the very least, think of a backup place to go if you're placed under a warning - this needs to be a place to which you can get everyone safely in under 15 minutes.

Check out the National Weather Service for updated watches and warnings in your area.

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