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Lake Arthur man uses high tech lights for Christmas display


For some people, creating a Christmas light display is more of a hobby than a tradition.

Sully Onellion, of Lake Arthur, uses the latest technology to light up his yard for the holiday season.

Onellion knows plenty about computers, gadgets and gizmos as he's been researching and working with them since he was a teenager.

"So, when this new technology on these computerized lights came out, it kind of got my interest, so I started researching into it and started playing with it," he said.

He purchased the computerized LED lights and synchronized them to music so the lights "dance" in his front yard.

"I might like to run this thing all year long!," Onellion laughed when explaining how much he loved putting the "show" together.

But not without some technical difficulties. Just a few days before Onellion met with KPLC, the LED lights lining his home unexpectedly had a short. 

"What I have now is protected. The lights I had on the house were just the bare strips. No external covering at all. The lights I have on this tree are in tubing," he said.

A 16-foot Christmas tree made of LED light strips in his front yard. 

But as the sun sets in this small town, the Christmas carols play every 30 minutes from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. And for the people passing by, just tune the radio to 93.9 and watch the lights dance.

"I do this for the community, that's true. But I think I'm a little selfish and I do it for myself," Onellion said. "It's a blast! I love to just jump into something that Uncle Joe down the road can't do."

And at Onellion's house, every time the music plays, an angel gets its wings!

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