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Cajun music record store closing doors after 56 years of business


Floyd's Record Shop is a local treasure in Ville Platte, La. Many Louisiana musicians have passed through the shop to record their music.

Now, 56-years later, the store is closing and owner Floyd Soileau will be leaving behind a huge legacy once the doors to his record shop close for good.

Soileau has had a love for music his entire life.

"Starting with part-time DJ in 1956 at the local radio station KVPI in Ville Platte," Soileau said.

And then opening up his own record store with retail in the front and a recording studio in the back. Soileau even opened one of the only vinyl pressing plants in Louisiana.

"When Elvis died and RCA was scratching to find every pressing plant they could in the country, they found us at the very end and we managed to press 60,000 copies of one Elvis Presley album," he said.

But with all of this success, 56 years of it to be exact, the doors are closing.

"I think we've had our time and we got to move on," Soileau said.

And as the store prepares to lock up for good, music lovers near and far stop in to make their final purchases.

"Well it's kind of sad," Rodney Carrier of Church Point, La. said. "I've been here a few times and always like to come. It's a field trip for me and my wife and we enjoy it just browsing around and picking up some records and stuff."

"It's a shame that a tradition like this has to shutdown, but the website is continuing and you can still get the music," David Cartwright of Austin, Texas, said.

And to the employees, Floyd's Record Shop is irreplaceable.

"It's a bittersweet experience. I started here in December 1967, so it will be 45 years and it's been a wonderful experience," Cecil Fontenot, shop manager, said.

Wonderful experiences to take with them as the shop closes.

"I've got a lot of wonderful memories from all those years and I can look back on that and every now and then somebody plays a record or while driving down the road and I hear a record on the air and I remember, 'I cut that record!' you know? And it brings back wonderful memories," Soileau said.

Fifty-six years of memories ... Showing the world all the musical talent Southwest Louisiana has to offer.

"We keep our Cajun language alive with our French music," Soileau said.

Even though the story may be closed, Soileau said customers can still buy Louisiana music from Floyd's through the shop's website here. 

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