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SWLA home becomes the 'North Pole' during Christmas holidays


Christmas came a little early to one local neighborhood thanks to some extra Christmas cheer and decorations.

It's a small home outside of Roanoke, but right now it's looks like the North Pole.

"We started doing the Santa, I'd say five years ago," said Mason LeJeune. "But we've been decorating for 15, 16 years so far. It's just getting bigger and bigger every year."

Mason and wife Debbie dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus just for families in the community to enjoy.

"We give them little gifts and candy, just to see the smiles on their face," said LeJeune. "It's great."

The light display is extensive but so is the experience for everyone. Children write letters to Santa.

"The kids will come," said LeJeune. "And the letters will stay in the mailbox until actually before Christmas Eve. We've got an 'Elf on the Shelf.' He'll come by, pick them up and bring them to Santa at the North Pole."

While their parents walk through the small holiday village, Christmas shop and life size nativity set.

"The kids, they seem so amazed when they come," said LeJeune. "Even a lot of the parents are very excited about the lights, and just the Christmas spirit. It makes everybody feel good."

But Mr. And Mrs. Claus seem to get more out of it than the children.

"There's a lot of them that will come up, especially the little ones, there faces are so bright and excited," said LeJeune. "There's quite a few of them that come and cry, but other than that it's just a joyful feeling. It makes me feel good."

There is still a chance to see Santa and drop off your letter.

LeJeune will be outside his home tomorrow and Saturday night in Roanoke.

Check out a slideshow of the "North Pole" HERE.

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