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Mayor gives tour of Millennium Park; playground open for holidays


Millennium Park is open for the holidays starting Saturday, Dec. 22 until Jan. 1 from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. The park will be closed on Christmas Day.

During an exclusive tour of the park from Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach, the mayor said the park is almost ready to be open permanently. Roach said the park will enhance the downtown area, as well as the Lake Charles community.

Plenty of new things are being added to the entire site of Millennium Park, including a splash pad.

"They can go and work up a big sweat here on the playground and they go right next door to the spray park and get cooled off and come back and do it all day until they can't do it anymore," Roach said.

But there's still more to be done, according to the mayor. More canopies and seating need to be added. Also, finishing touches need to be made to the concession stand, fossil dig site, landscaping and the front entrance to the park.

Roach said safety is also a concern to the community and is something the city is working on.

"Concern about the location in relation to traffic. So, they wanted one entrance and we have one entrance in and out. We have a double fence. The playground area is fenced in and outside of the perimeter of the entire area is an 8-foot fence, so we have a good secure system here as far as children are concerned. One way in. One way out," the mayor said.

Security cameras are also being installed throughout the entire park and once it's open for good, the park will have on-site personnel.

Roach knows this is something great for the community in Lake Charles, but he hopes it becomes more of a destination for Southwest Louisiana.

He said it's a place for people and children of all ages.

Since so much work was put into the park by volunteers, it makes the debut that much more special for the mayor and the visitors who are expected to come to Millennium Park.

"This is a place where memories will be made," Roach said.

With construction that still needs to be done, Roach said the park is expected to be fully complete and open to the public by the end of January 2013.

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