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Gun debate re-ignited after Connecticut tragedy


The tragedy in Connecticut has re-ignited the gun control debate.

On Wednesday, President Obama announced that a new task force will develop new ideas to reduce gun violence by no later than next month. The President's announcement comes as guns sales have jumped since the tragedy in Connecticut.

President Obama has announced his determination to see action that will reduce gun deaths in America.

"I will use all the powers of this office to help advance efforts aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. We won't prevent them all, but that can't be an excuse not to try. It won't be easy but that can't be an excuse not to try," he said at a press briefing.

At this time, some stores are reporting an increase in gun sales as people anticipate greater regulation. Hugo Holland is an assistant district attorney in eight jurisdictions, including Calcasieu Parish. He is well armed.

"I'm definitely armed and dangerous. To the wrong people I'm definitely dangerous," he said.

He thinks if someone at the school in Connecticut had been armed, lives would have been saved: "One teacher that had a firearm would have taken care of that problem really quick, don't you think?"

Holland is a firm advocate of the Second Amendment and would oppose any infringement on Americans' right to bear arms. He said that's why gun sales are up.

"Anybody that has the remotest interest in firearms understands that the typical knee-jerk reaction by the United States Congress is probably going to be something foolish like let's ban guns, let's ban ammunition, let's do something to keep this from happening again which just means that firearms and ammunition and magazines and that sort of thing are just going to be more expensive or more difficult to get," said Holland.

Still, the President said there's a big chunk of space between the Second Amendment and no rules. And there he hopes to find some solutions to prevent the violence.

President Obama said he is asking Joe Biden to come back with recommendations within 30 days and that he hopes to begin selling policy changes when he gives his state of the union speech next year.

To hear more of Hugo Holland's interview, look for our web extra.

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