Hometown Patriot -- Dec. 19, 2012: Shorty Breaux

December 19, 2012 - Shorty Breaux

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - You may have seen his familiar face on the streets of Sulphur before. He's Shorty Breaux and he's a friend to everyone. But for the past year or so, Shorty has been on a mission. A mission to collect aluminum pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, which provides free housing for children and their parents while getting medical care in Houston.

"Seven days a week now, every day, I make my milk route," said Shorty. "People start saving the tabs for me at their houses. Then drop them off at my house. Now, I'm up to here with pull tabs!"

This year, Shorty's getting help from the Martin grandchildren and other students here at Our Lady's Catholic School.

"All the students here, we collect tabs, Mr. Shortly collects the tabs," said Sheri Yarbrough with Our Lady's School. "We try and do something here at Our Lady's School to give back to the community. We feel that helping these children is a wonderful way to help because there's so many families from the Sulphur area that go and are able to use the Ronald McDonald House."

"What I'm bringing for this year is seven boxes, 220 Ziploc quart size bags."

Shorty is quick to thank his helpful elves.

"They're my little angels. They say, 'Mr. Shorty, we got some pull tabs for you.' And you ought to see the cans they bring me."

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