Louisiana Traveler - Gunsmith

Louisiana Traveler: Gunsmith

BUNDICK LAKE, LA (KPLC) - The art of being a gunsmith has been around since before our country was created. That art is slowly being relegated to large companies these days. However, Lore "Red" Adams of Beauregard parish is keeping that tradition alive.

"Everybody calls me Red and I don't know why," said Adams. "I'm plumb solid white. Of course, I used to have red hair."

Adams stays busy at his workshop off Emory Lane repairing and making hunting shotguns and rifles. He's been working with guns since he was 14 years old, when he was being raised at Boys Village. He credits Uncle Jack Dillon with getting him started.

"He used to let me tear BB guns up. Then he got brave one day and he gave me an old 870 Remington and said, "fix this thing here and let me know what's wrong with it." Right off the bat I found out what was wrong. The ejector was broken and I put a new one on there."

After a hitch in the service, Red came back and went into the gunsmith business in the early 50s. He had shops in Lake Charles, Moss Bluff and Ragley before moving here to Bundick Lake.  He says he's one of a dying breed.

"Most gunsmiths are just parts changers. They don't want to fix anything. I make my own parts for most guns. I'll fix it, shake their hand and say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Birthday" or "kill a big deer." I use Walnut, when I can get it. I get a friend to cut it on his sawmill. Then I use tacobla, if I'm pronouncing it right. I use wild cherry, black cherry."

At the age of 84, Red Adams has made a lot of friends over the years.  He says he's tried to retire 3 times.

To contact Lore "Red" Adams, call  337-462-0392.

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