Meet the Plauche quintuplets of Lake Charles

Meet the Plauche quintuplets of Lake Charles

This Christmas season marks the joyful start to a new life back home in Lake Charles that one couple could have never imagined.

After years of struggling to get pregnant, Bruce and Sarah Plauche welcomed quintuplets into the world on September 7th, 2012. They opened up their home to show us how the family of seven is now doing!

Crying and cooing are the sounds of the season in the Plauche home, belted out of the tiny vocal chords of quintuplets: Reece, Corinne, Owen, Tessa and Miles.

Bruce and Sarah are still adjusting to life today after the September arrival of the quints at Texas Children's Hospital.  "I've always wanted to be a mom," said Sarah.

These 29-year-olds always knew they wanted to have kids, but had to turn to fertility treatments to make that possible - something that carries a risk of twins, triplets...but rarely more.  "We were thinking maybe multiples, but we would just be lucky to get pregnant at all," said Sarah.

Sarah says the first ultrasound was nothing less than an eye-opening shocker.  "The ultrasound tech was a little bit quiet, so I asked her if it was twins and she didn't say anything and then I said 'Is it triplets,?' and she said 'Hold on, I'm still counting.'"

Five babies that brought news of joy and fear.  "Losing the whole pregnancy or being born with disabilities," said Bruce, "and once I started reading about all the numbers that stack against you, that is when I started to get really worried."

At 25 weeks, Sarah started contracting and was sent to Texas Children's Hospital after spending five days at Women & Children's Hospital in Lake Charles.

Three weeks later, the babies decided to come on Friday, September 7th.  "They rolled them past me and I was able to stick my hand in and touch them and it was kind of like a little baby parade!" said Sarah.

The bond with the fragile babies was immediate in Sarah's arms.  "When I really felt like a mom was when I was able to hold a baby for the first's just something you'll always remember," she said.

For Bruce, the bonding has come in seeing himself in each child.  "Being able to look down at the babies and see you in the babies and then moving on to the next one and seeing you in the babies.  It's really exciting," he said.

Then came coming home to Lake Charles, into the home the couple bought five years ago when it was just them and their dog, Deuce.  The dining room that once boasted the family Christmas tree and table is now the babies' nursery - a home that's had to change quickly just like this family.  "Sarah usually has the whole house decorated with Christmas decorations," said Bruce, "but we don't have room for it, so the stockings are the only thing we can hang up right now."

It is pretty needless to say that having quintuplets presents some logistical problems. For instance, it takes three vehicles to get anywhere they need to go, 35 diapers are gone through in one day and 30 bottles.  This equation definitely requires a team effort!

All day, family members and volunteers are part of baby hand-offs, feedings and diaper changes.

In the midst of the times that can be chaotic, the Plauches say they are blessed to have the best five gifts to celebrate this Christmas.  "I'm mommy and that's something that I've wanted to be for so long. I never thought I'd have five babies, but I do and it's wonderful," said Sarah.

The cost of having five babies has kept Bruce working full-time, but Sarah had to leave her job in order to take care of the babies.

Some have asked if there is anything you can do to help the Plauche quints.  One way is to donate to the "Plauche Quint Trust Fund" at any First Federal Bank.

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