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Tax credit program for new homeowners


Terri Gragson is a first time homeowner. After scoring big by finding her dream house in Lake Charles, she walked into another homeowner bonus. 

"The lender said 'oh, by the way we have this mortgage credit program' she said if you're interested and I said I would love to be," said Gragson. 

The Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program is designed to help first-time homeowners like Gragson, earn thousands of dollars in tax returns from their mortgage. Tim Castle is the Chairman of the Calcasieu Parish Public Trust Authority.  They're responsible for the MCC program. 

"It allows for a rebate on the mortgage interest that you paid during the life of your loan up to 30% per year," said Castle. 

For homeowners like Gragson, it means more money in January.

"When taxes come in January, then I'll be able to deduct that portion of the income tax," said Gragson. 

Extra dollars that Castle says can go into making that first home, your best home.

"You're able to take that money and re-invest it in your home make it your own home ... Make it your own home and live the American Dream," said Castle. 

Castle says that while it's a program geared for new homeowners, simply being a new homeowner won't automatically give you the credit. 

"You do have to be able to qualify for a loan, you do have to have a job and be able to obtain a loan," said Castle. "This is a supplement to your loan, it is added on to your loan after the fact. So you still have to have good income you still have to be able to qualify for a loan to get the mortgage credit certificate program."

As a participant and enjoying her first home, Gragson encourages other new homeowners to inquire about the program. 

"It's very easy," said Gragson. "That's what I would tell them.  If you qualify for a loan, look into it.  It's a matter of signing the papers and it's very quick and very easy."

For all of the details on how to get the ball rolling on the MCC program, visit

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