Barbe's Big Day Before the Big Game

Barbe's big game isn't until 8 o-clock tomorrow night, but that doesn't mean today wasn't also a big day for the Bucs.
Friday started before dawn for the Barbe Buccaneers, as their bus left for New Orleans at 6 a.m. That meant an early wake up call for the Bucs, who tried to get a little sleep on the trip, with varying degrees of success.
But if the Buccaneers were asleep on the bus, their eyes were wide open as they walked through the tunnel and stepped on to the Superdome field for the first time.
Today has extra meaning for wide receiver Trey Quinn, who is celebrating his birthday today. And running pass patterns on the Superdome field is exactly where #18 wanted to spend #17.
The Bucs will be back here tonight at 8 to watch the class 4A finals, then they'll try to get some sleep and not go crazy waiting for tomorrow night's kickoff.
The Bucs will take on Archbishop Rummel for the 5A state championship on Saturday night at 8, right here at the Superdome.