Dive into aquatic fitness

Dive into aquatic fitness

Heavy holiday eating might have you looking for a reason to incorporate an early fitness-driven New Year's resolution.  7News finds out why more people are diving into water aerobics.

The aquatic fitness class at Dynamic Dimensions in Sulphur marches to its own beat, turning underwater rhythm into a calorie burning party.  "I have tried other things, but water is definitely my favorite," said Jenny Keogh, "I hate to miss a class."

66-year-old Keogh credits healthy eating and aquatic fitness with a 35 pound trim down.  76-year-old Barbara Tramonte says it is more than a work-out for her.  "It is a good stress reliever and because of the companionship here, it's really a good outing," she said.

This new wave in group fitness challenges people to do land exercises in the water, all while taking the impact off of joints.  "Something that people don't realize is it's 12 times harder to move through water than it is on land," said fitness instructor Toni Kennedy.

Kennedy says it is up to each person to decide how revved up their work-out will be, using noodles and buoyancy weights.  "You already have your body moving through water, then when you add these buoyant devices, it can even further add intensity," she said.

You can easily burn 300 calories while also reducing your injury risk compared to other forms of exercise.  "This would be a wonderful place to start, because it's such low impact on the knees and the joints and where we hurt when we're a little bit older," said Keogh.

Each aquatic fitness class at Dynamic Dimensions lasts between 45 minutes and one hour. If you are looking to lose weight and tone up, four days a week of exercise are recommended.

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