Calcasieu Parish Tax Assessor addresses 2012 reassessment

Parish Tax Assessor answers questions on 2012 reassessment
Aguillard speaking to the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury on Thursday.
Aguillard speaking to the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury on Thursday.


Many people across Calcasieu Parish are frustrated with the 2012 property tax reassessment.
But Parish Tax Assessor Wendy Aguillard said she's just doing her job and following the law.
Aguillard stood before the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury on Thursday night to answer their questions and help clear up any confusion the jurors and their constituents might have.
Aguillard said this year's reassessment wasn't a normal year, but the process was the same.
"In our office, anytime there's reassessment, there's a little bit of an uproar," she said.
And depending on the area and how far out of line the assessed value was compared to the market value, that roar was a loud one.
"Some people, about 20percent, saw no change or decrease in value. Others had a small percentage, less than 15 percent, about 60 percent of the parish had less than 15 percent," Aguillard said. "But then there were some other areas where the value was just far enough out of line from what the market value approached."
Aguillard said no one wants to have to pay taxes, and with this year's reassessment, everybody wants to find someone to blame for the property tax increase.
"I think there's a combination of things that happened for our values not to be quite where they are," she said. "But ultimately, I'm doing my job, doing it by the law and I'm doing it to the best of my ability."
Aguillard said she will take taxpayers' opinions into consideration when looking at ways to tighten up the methods they use when doing reassessments.
She also said if anyone has any questions or concerns to call the Tax Assessor's Office at (337) 721-3000. 
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