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Turkey talk: Some say once you try, you'll always fry it

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Even the most experienced cooks among us may pale at the prospect of frying a turkey.

Really, who wants to cause a shelter in place or have to call the fire department on a holiday?

Still, curiosity helps one muster up the courage to at least watch another who has decades of experience firing up the burners.

Still, those who've seen all the You Tube videos may think, "Yikes! Why would anyone risk life and limb frying a turkey when they're so much less volatile in the oven?"

Yet, Lake Charles attorney Mark Judson, who's been frying turkeys for more than 20 years,  says it's the taste. He and his family tried fried and now, nothing else will do.

"My mother said it looked like a burnt football and she couldn't imagine anyone wanting it. At the end of the day, we had nothing but a pile of bones of the fried turkey and about 5 percent was gone off of my mother's beautiful, catalogue ready, Butterball turkey. And so, from that day forward, once you try it you'll always fry it," said Judson confidently. "That's the motto that we live by."

Intrigued by his claim he can manage three pots on three burners at once, KPLC stopped by to witness.  

He injects. "We're going to move it all around just like a dentist does in your jaw while you're getting work done."

He seasons. "I think it helps it stay on the bird and when it gets in the grease this is what will be black when it comes off of the bird. We're just going to dump it in. I'm using about half a can," said Judson as he briskly rubs seasoning all over and inside the bird.

And while he's no safety expert, Judson warns onlookers to make sure there's room in the pot for the oil to expand once the bird is lowered.

He demonstrates. "I'm going really slow because I don't want that grease to shoot up and I want to fill that cavity. There he goes."

The three-to-three-and-a-half minutes per pound goes by quickly as he gets ready for the next batch. And the outcome:  A gastronomical success.

"Whew. Man that's good," if he does say so himself.

And no injuries are reported. 

There's a plethora safety information on frying turkeys.   Check it out.

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