Leaking pipeline in Bell City

Charlie Haldeman's filling in for Cynthia Arceneaux tonight on KPLC 7 News.

Remember when we told you a passport may be required for all flights in Louisiana?  Our lead story on Live at Five is an update to the original story.  We're told you can relax for now.  The Real ID Act has present a lot of questions about ID's and such. We have reaction from a state representative about the bill and the mess that's ensued.

A blown gasket looks to be the cause of a pipeline leak in the Bell City-Holmwood area last night.  Today, crews are still working to clear the line and make repairs to get it back online.

What happens now that Phelps Correctional Center is closed?  Not much so far.  KPLC's Gerron Jordan will update us on what's happened since the November 1st closure.

In weather, Wade says fog may be a problem later tonight and early tomorrow.  Temps in the 50's and warmer on Friday.

Drew & company will hit the road to the Dome with the Barbe Bucs tomorrow.  Tonight, a big pep rally is planned.  Sam Gannon will be there.

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