10-year-old gets wish of being in 'Veggie Tales' movie

Girl wishes big, lands a role in Veggie Tales Movie


On the outside, Kristina Barrett looks like a normal 10-year-old girl. She is by all means except for the life threatening disease she continues to fight each day. 
"I had cancer in my arm and they had to take it out with my bone," said Barrett. "So, now I have a metal rod in my arm." 
"When something like cancer or something difficult strikes your child you know it just changes your whole world and your perspective on life changes," said Kristina's dad, Chad. "New fears that you didn't know existed rise up." 
After going through several rounds of chemotherapy, hospital stays and procedures, there was one thing she wanted ...
"There was a Make-A-Wish Foundation and I chose to be on veggie tales," said Kristina.  
Make-A-Wish obliged. Rolling out the red carpet for her and flying her to Nashville for a week to the Veggie Tales production studio.
It wasn't just a fun visit to the studios - she was on assignment - recording the voice-over for the character "Sweet Pea" in the "League of Incredible Vegetables" released in October. 
"It was fun meeting Mike Nawrocki," said Kristina. "He plays as Larry."
"Seeing Kristina smile and happy - she was just ecstatic in the studio," said Chad. "She was just on cloud nine."  
At only 10-years-old and with a full life ahead of her, she's already checked off one of the things on her bucket list: Showing her cancer who's boss.
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