December 5, 2012 - Hector Ponton

December 5, 2012 - Hector Ponton

Hector Ponton served three decades in the U.S. Army in places like Korea, Vietnam, the U.S. Embassy and Panama and even the Pentagon.  Throughout his career, Ponton was called upon because of his leadership talents.

"My first assignment was with a Vietnamese infantry battalion where I was advisor," said Ponton.  " I spent a year in the midst of a Vietnamese infantry battalion and also later one with the 173rd Airborne Brigade."

While serving at Fort Polk, Ponton met his future wife, Bernadette, and continued to uphold the duties of an officer.

"It is the dictim of an officer that an officer does not lie, cheat or tolerate those who do.  In that sense, I live with a clear conscience."

Like many veterans, Hector Ponton believes a military experience is a good character builder for young people.

"Those kids were changed from being just youngsters and boys to being responsible, squared away young fellows that you could trust with your life."

Hector Ponton, this week's Hometown Patriot.    

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