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Thief pulled from trash can by police is back in jail

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A Lake Charles man is testing the state's habitual offender law, landing himself back in jail for allegedly stealing a car and simple burglary. KPLC's Lee Peck was there a year ago when police pulled him from a trash can and reports his string of second chances may be running out.

Who could forget watching police pull Terence Davis out of a trash can? Police arrested him Nov. 8, 2011 after a chase on foot led them to Davis hiding in a trash can. Davis and his girlfriend were arrested after police said they stole a credit card from the Nelson Road Wal-Mart in Lake Charles.

At the time of Davis' arrest in November 2011, Deputy Chief Mark Kraus said, "We want a safe community. Our community wants a safe community. That's whose side we are on. Don't run from the police. Don't break the law because eventually we are going to be on your heels and catch you."

It seems Lake Charles Police caught up with Davis again on Monday for simple burglary and theft of a motor vehicle.

Davis has been on probation for a lengthy criminal history. In fact, he served 11 months in jail before being released in early October of this year for his not so clean getaway. However, the time served was for a probation violation.

According to court documents, Davis got suspended jail time for a string of crimes. Judge Ron Ware gave him five years supervised probation for stealing a brand new 2011 Chevy Camaro early last year, the credit card theft and possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine.

The only crime he hasn't been able to get away with yet is stealing a horse. Davis was supposed to go trial on Oct. 29 of this year, but the trial was rescheduled.

While the state's habitual offender law is often used against drug dealers, it applies to a range of multiple felony convictions - often increasing jail time.

The question that remains is: Now that Davis faces a new string of felony charges, how many chances does he get?

Despite a $35,000 bond, he is being held on a parole violation.

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