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Made in La: Bohemian Sol & Susie's Expressions


As many here already know, one way to give a special Christmas gift is to find one "Made in Louisiana."

KPLC is kicking off a series, "Made in Louisiana," showcasing gifts and products made here in our community.

Julie Arabie makes jewelry.

"I try hard to create one-of-a-kind pieces. I think it's fun to own a piece of jewelry that is unique," said Arabie.

Jewelry making began as a hobby for her, but evolved into her full-time living a few years back. Her business is called Bohemian Sol.

"I love the carefree and casual style of Bohemian in general. The name conveys the style of the jewelry and I do think I suffer from wanderlust. I would love to travel the world and see exotic places, although I'm very grounded here with my family," said Arabie.

As well, she does religious inspired pieces.

"This is a medicine man bracelet and it was inspired by the old, Indian medicine man. If you see their bag with lots of fringe," she explains about one colorful bracelet.

"Jesus is my medicine man. But I use a lot of saints' medals and try to tell people what they are the patrol saint of. I do a cancer survivor bracelet," said Arabie.

Her jewelry is at Salon Lindsay at 725 Ryan or Frame House and Gallery and she can be found on Facebook. For more information, contact her at 337-802-8177. 

Jewelry was Susie Book's mainstay when she first opened Expressions, at 3204 Ryan Street and still represents about 20 percent of her business. She says buying jewelry made here is a way to make it special.

"I think you can find a more personal gift that way. With our jewelry, you can pick your color scheme. We can size bracelets to fit people's wrists better. We make rings. We can size it to fit their fingers. You can just make it a little more personal," said Book.

Right now, she's working around-the-clock to keep up demand for items such as Barbe High bracelets.

"Any colors you want us to use, we can do it. Any area schools, we can match the colors," said Book.

And she sells headbands and "A-Dough-Able" Christmas ornaments, handcrafted by local people.

"I think it really stimulates our economy to keep the money here, putting money in the pockets of local artists," said Book.

Plus, Susie figures they'll like it better if it's "Made in Louisiana." 

And we know there are many more out there, so if you make something locally to sell let us know how to contact you. We hope to continue this series into the New Year.

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