What Next For State Employee Pension Plan

This is Cynthia Arceneaux from the KPLC Newsroom.  Downtown Lake Charles is being hit with some rain this afternoon.  And parts of the viewing area could be in for thunderstorms this evening.  Wade Hampton will have more on the wet weather on Live At Five.

Also today, the Jindal administration has a fight on its hands over its revamping of the state employees pension plan.  That plan was passed this legislative session.  But now a state judge is refusing to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the governor's plan.  Many state workers don't like it.  We'll have the latest.

And we kick off a new series tonight, featuring products made in Louisiana.  We'll show you local business people who make various merchandise and items for sale right in our own backyard!  Join us at Five and Six today.  And of course, you can always check out the latest news on line at KPLCTV.com.