Boy Found

Hello everyone.  This is Cynthia Arceneaux from the KPLC Newsroom.  A story with a happy ending for a change!  That six year old boy who'd been missing after he didn't get home on the school bus... has been found. 6 Year old Jadelyn Jackson was mistakenly picked up by a daycare center.  He's back home safe and sound.

Three Lake area families are now planning funerals for their loved ones after a weekend of heavy violence.  Tonight at ten, we'll talk with the family of Anthony Batiste as they try to come to grips with what happened.

And flu season has begun early and with a vegenance.  We'll look at practical things you can do to ward off the bug.

Plus, how long will the unseasonably warm weather last?  Wade Hampton will have your full forecast.  Join us tonight at ten for 7News Nightcast.