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Lee Peck from the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we are working on today.

There are still lots of unanswered questions in the murder of a Lake Area woman. Lake Charles Police have made an arrest in the death of Brittany Grosse-Pryor. Her family tells us Brittany and the suspect, Dustin Pleasant, were co-workers. Police have scheduled a 3pm press conference on Monday to release details.

And if Saturday's Christmas extravaganza on both sides of the Lake wasn't enough to get you in the holiday spirit the Messiah Chorus returned to Bulber Auditorium after a one year hiatus. We'll bring the sounds of the community volunteer chorus.

Plus, the excitement has only just begun for the Barbe Bucs. This will promise to be a spirited week for the Bucs as they prepare to go to the Dome for the 5-A State Championship. Sam Gannon will have more on this amazing comeback team and how they are gearing up to take home what could be their first ever state title!

Also Meteorologist Cedric has your forecast, including a winter outlook. Lets cross our fingers for some cooler holiday weather.

Again, these are just a few things we are working on – the day is still young so anything can happen. Meanwhile for the latest in News, Weather and Sports… remember we are always online at and on your mobile device.