Blast from the past - a plan to bomb the moon?!!

Good morning!

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

A trial in a lawsuit challenging the Jindal administration's school voucher program is wrapping up.  Will the judge rule immediately after closing arguments, or request additional information?  School boards and teacher unions want to shut down the vouchers and other changes that would funnel more money from traditional public schools.

While we're on the subject of money, what do you think of getting rid of the dollar bill?  Lawmakers are considering going to a coin to save money, but are you ready for that extra change in your pocket, purse or wallet? Read more about what's being considered HERE.

Also today a look back at the Cold War – a time when America and the Soviet Union were in a nuclear arms race.  Now, some new details are emerging about a once secret plan for the U.S. to set off a nuclear bomb on the moon!

Plus, Ben is a busy guy today. He's working on his live, local forecast right now and he's over at the KPLC Community Christmas and the Salvation Army Angel Tree event. As far as weather is concerned, he tells me the colder, drier air we've been experiencing will be ending. Our highs today will warm into the lower 70's, but what about the weekend? Check out Ben's forecast at noon.  In the meantime, we want to remind you that you can help to make Christmas brighter for many folks in our area. Find out more about that HERE.

Speaking of Christmas, are you looking for something to do with the family this weekend? We have you covered with a list of several holiday events. See it HERE.

Remember, you can always watch us online at and on air. We hope you join us, and have a wonderful weekend!

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